I have been marketing on the internet since May of 1997. (Yes, over 13 years! Wow do I feel “old” on the ‘net) I’m a firm believer in the WAH (work-at-home) business, and I am determined to help you succeed without making you spend a fortune. Many have seen my success and asked me just “how” do I do it, what’s my secret? Others have asked me not just to tell them, but to teach them.

I’ve helped several, gave advice and shown them what they need to do.  However, my main business has not been teaching the tactics, its been utilizing them for myself. Consulting is very lucrative – even I know that. Countless times I’ve been told to charge for the advice I give.

Well I haven’t. But it has become such a demand, that there is just no possible way I can help everyone personally. First, there isn’t enough time in a day, and second, it doesn’t allow me to continue my focus of my regular business and continued market research which I love to do.

It is why I originally created www.dime-co.com, and then expanded it to allow others to add their articles as well.

I’m sure you’re thinking I came on the net with a good lump sum of money to help me kick off, get a domain, and so on, and so on. I could afford to succeed because I paid for my success right from the start.  WRONG!

Picture this: you’ve just moved across the country, you don’t know anyone, you have an ill son which means one of the parents must stay home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’re surviving on an entry level income with a family of four. You know you have to help with the finances, but how?

Trust me when I say I started with only the $20 connection fee to the net (and even that was a struggle to come up with!) Am I a “rags to riches” case? No. But I can honestly say I have a full time online income now!

While we have our corporate site at www.dimeconsultants.com which focuses on our business services, this site, Amber-Jalink.com, is my own posts, topics, and sometimes ramblings ;).

I hope you find this site useful and interesting, and if you have suggestions or comments, things you’d like to see, please feel free to contact me.


Amber Jalink