Warning: New Scam Going Around

Well today I had an article mostly finished that I was going to send to you, however after receiving a phone call, I felt this was a little more important.

It is CRITICALLY important for anyone who has a computer and a phone to pay attention to this scam that is going around.

My mother called this morning to tell me she had just received a phone call from “Microsoft“, claiming that the guy could see errors on her computer.

He kept pushing her but she told him that there were no errors and she would talk to her son-in-law (my hubby) first. Then the guy claimed he’d call back in 2 hrs, and tried to push for her phone number. She refused and said, “you already called it so you have it.” (Smart!)

A few weeks ago, I had come across the information on the scam and related it to my father, who enjoys much of his days online reading news etc., but my mother didn’t know about it.

Thankfully, her instincts told her to ignore it anyway.

My point is, this is a major thing going around, and we all need to notify our friends and family (no matter how smart you think they are – anyone can be duped if caught off guard).

If you ever question anything, do not give out personal information, and DO NOT give out credit card information over the phone.

If someone tells you your bank or your credit card or other things have been compromised, tell them thank you for notifying you and you will contact the bank or credit card company directly and HANG UP, then do your own confirmations.

Microsoft will never call you unless you put a ticket in for support.

And by the way, while the following articles I’m going to provide links to mention that the callers are from India – they aren’t always. A friend of mine told me that someone she knows who is Indian (but lives right here in Canada), admitted that there’s tons of ways they make money from making phone calls, and its not just for these scams.

So be aware!

Here’s some links that you need to be aware of, and that you should pass on to friends:

Most important:


News/Links regarding the scams as well:

Toronto Star: http://www.moneyville.ca/blog/post/1060092–beware-callers-claiming-to-be-from-microsoft

Geek.com: http://www.geek.com/articles/news/microsoft-speaks-up-on-phone-scams-targeting-windows-users-20110616/

Microsoft Press Release: http://www.microsoft.com/Presspass/press/2011/jun11/06-16MSPhoneScamPR.mspx

Please tweet it, link to it, and pass this on to friends and family.

Once everyone is aware of it, it will make it harder for scammers to get through.

Amber Jalink
DIME Consultants Inc.

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